aBeS was born Aries in Poland in 1979.

He got into electronic music via Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Jan Hammer and Koto Synthesizer Hits Releases. Receiving his first computer - Atari ST at the age of twelve, aBeS has begun his long journey into world of music production. In 1991 he experienced a musical style named "rave" and "hardcore techno" he had never heard before. He try to focus on those styles in his music productions.

In 1994 he receive his first PC computer and begin production with FastTracker2 software. With his friend "Jaca" start project named "Behaviour" and produce many tracks from HipHop to House and strange independent electronic music. Many tracks was inspired by music from United States and England (Prodigy, Moby, Onyx, etc).

In 1997, visiting one of many music shops in Berlin, aBeS and Jaca found Dragonfly Records compilations and they felt in love to Goa Trance Music. In same time they discover Rebirth. With help of two TB-303, TR-808 and Cubase software between 1997-2000 they make a lot of tracks which unfortunately wasn?t never released. You can download some tracks of Behaviour from our website, of course for FREE.

From 2000 aBeS and Jaca goes two different music ways. Jaca focus on his 2PU rock band and aBeS dive into more dark styles of techno music which later was called minimal, deep techno and deep minimal.

Trying to found his place in electronic music world in 2000 he bring to life VIRTUAL LABEL group of people which love electronic music and share each other their concepts and productions.

Between 2000 and 2004 he was back to FastTracker2 and Rebirth. It was very productive time with many unofficial electronic releases of aBeS and other VIRTUAL LABEL members.

2004 was year when aBeS decide to try himself as a DJ. He was starting with two Unitra turntables and basic 4 channels Vivanco MX-660 mixer. Searching place to playing as DJ meet guy named Vain Cat. Vain Cat invite aBeS into his project named "Open Beat Party" and they play some gigs together.

In 2005 aBeS started to play as a DJ exploring many minimal and techno labels like DRUMCODE, CLR, Inside Records, Kanzleramnt. In the meantime VIRTUAL LABEL GROUP did not survive the test of time and almost each of members goes in own directions.

In 2006 aBeS discover Reason. At this moment he decide to collect money for buying this great product. Between 2006-2011 still playing as DJ decided to buy Native Instruments Traktor Scratch. With this fantastic tool he try promote tracks from his own label. In the meantime decided to split his music personality into DJ named Zbieracky, producer of very deep and dark electronic music named simon.phoenix and owner/producer aBeS.

In 2012 aBeS decide to make a total reset of VIRTUAL LABEL GROUP and transform his own label to VIRTUALLABEL.ORG. His new label is built from scratch and focused to acquire new artists and releasing great electronic music.

Curently he is working on his new releases and VIRTUALLABEL.ORG label promotion.