Mickey Mouse

A producer, Mickey Mouse DJ, was infected with electronic music in his childhood by his older brother. Instead of listening to lullabies he was listening to techno music. During his teenage years, while others were listening to pop music, he became absorbed in techno. He particularly paid attention to schranz, minimal and techno.

He became a DJ in 2010 and he performed in a pub in his home town. A half year later he decided to compose techno music himself. Every day he polishes his style which is heavy, minimalistic and sometimes combined with melody or some interesting themes. Mickey is a nineteen-year-old techno composer who learns very fast. His music was appreciated by a Virtual Label company. On 15th September it released his first mini album called Big Foot. The album is Mickey?s first serious achievement. It is also believed that it?s not his final success. Mickey does his best to make his compositions simple, clear and powerful at the same time. He likes his music to be filled with bass and heavy sounds. We will certainly hear it in his future compositions.

Chris Liebing and Speedy J have been always Mickey?s music mentors and we can assume they influence on Mickey?s creative activities.