I started listening to electronic music in mid 90's. I was watching TV music stations at night at the weekends. My earliest love was the Prodigy. My first club experience was in Lodz in New Alcatraz: hardcore techno, stobo and fluro lights, smoke, graffiti on the walls, a DJ in a metal cage and all people dancing vigorously to fast music. It was enough to fall in love.

In 1998 I started producing my own sounds in Rebirth software. Roland TB-303 was my second love after hearing computer controlled EP by Samuel Malm. Before I was much more into minimal music artists like Joey Beltram, Jeff Mills and Cristian Vogel.

Soon I started exchanging my Rebirth songs with other artists through the internet. Thanks to it I became a part of The Bass Foundation Project with The Bilberry from Belgium. Our track Ten Tons of Steel is one of 180 classic songs on this software. Working with Eric was very important to me and helped me to be a music producer. Later I made friends with aBeS (a creator of Virtual Label Poland) and other Polish artists.

My dream was always to be a DJ. I started collecting vinyls and I later I bought Polish Unitra turntables from 80s. In order to use them to mix music I removed from them a metal vinyl stand and I replaced it by old vinyls.

I sometimes play in clubs. In 2000 I regularly played (on Fridays) in Cube Club in Gdynia. a few years ago I bought my Technics sl1210 in Great Britain. I also obtained plenty of vinyls mostly by artists whom I admire. There is a lot of techno, acid, but also House.

When I create music I try to give melodies to it. I produce music mostly between Acid and Techno.

Regards Neurotic