A8E5 - Skizofonia

Catalog # (Digital): VLORG0031

Release date (Digital): 20th June 2024

Discover the latest digital release from A8E5, seamlessly blending the past with the present. This new single features two versions of the same track. The original 2002 version is a journey through psychedelic electronics, filled with sounds that transport you to another dimension. The newest 2024 edition revamps this classic with fresh delay and reverb effects, adding depth and space. Subtle tweaks to the rhythm and bass lines create a unique fusion of psychedelic electronics and smooth house. Experience how the past meets the present in this exceptional release from A8E5.

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Track List

  1. A8E5 - Skizofonia (2024 Edit) [3:07]
  2. A8E5 - Skizofonia (2002 Original Version) [2:42]