simon.phoenix - Telesfor (Live)

Catalog nr: VLORG0006

Release date: 18 May 2016

Thanks for listening this piece of music and i hope you will like it.

Be aware is not regular easy to listen or dance music, but of course if you wanna dance, just do it :)

This album is an experiment about me and my perception of music, surroundings, conciseness and other thing which are around me and inside me. All tracks was played live and recorded separately and after that i joined them into one piece of continuos music.

Please keep in mind that all what You hear is produced in different states of my mind and mood, so be prepared for different experience with every track.

All tracks are produced separately, all samples, vocals, synths and other sounds was recorded by myself from my surroundings. I used many tools to produce different mood and psychedelic feeling and because of that all tracks are really dark and even sometimes scary.

I hope you will drill into my music and let Your minds connect with my ideas. I wish You to enjoy Your own trip with my tracks into Your minds to explore something new what is hidden deeply inside You.

Do not afraid, just close Your eyes and let Your mind produce this beautiful unreal world for You.

Come deep inside Your brains and find new areas which You never explore before.

This 1 hour live act was produced form tracks which are still in progress but i need to share this with You before my mind will explode? :)

You can download whole live act from here: Download link
or You can listen or download as separate tracks from our Bandcamp page
of course for free.